Day 2 Only – Self-Swab Home Test (Amber)


Day 2 home testing kits must be ordered before arrival in the UK to guarantee delivery before Day 2.

Purchase 1 kit at a time to generate the unique booking reference for each passenger travelling with you. Once booking reference is generated, it cannot be cancelled and testing is non-refundable.

You can use the testing kit at a later date if your return flight is cancelled or delayed.

Please note that the day of your arrival in the UK is Day Zero

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Travel Test Package (Mandatory Day 2 & Day 8 Testing Service)

From 15 February onwards, everyone allowed to enter England from outside the CTA (Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man) must:

  • ● quarantine for 10 days
  • ● take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test on Day 2 and Day 8 of quarantining.
  • follow the national lockdown rules

Before travelling:

  • ● take a coronavirus (COVID-19) test and get a negative result during the 3 days before you travel.
  • ● book and pay for a travel test package, which will include COVID-19 tests to be taken on or before Day 2 and on or after Day 8 of your quarantine.
  • ● complete a passenger locator form with details of where you will home quarantine when you arrive and the travel test package booking reference number

How does it work?

Book your travel test package before arrival in the UK. You must take a COVID-19 test on or before Day 2 for variant surveillance and a test on or after Day 8 to check that you do not have COVID-19.

The package includes 2 RT-PCR tests that you will receive at home. You will need to carefully follow the instructions of the self-swab and return your kits straight after using them through the Royal Mail Priority Post Box .

  • ● The Day 2 test must be done on or before Day 2 of your self-isolation;
  • ● The Day 8 test must be done on or after Day 8 of your self-isolation.

Please note that these tests are not part of the Test to Release scheme. You will still need to finish your self-isolation period regardless of the results of your tests.

IMPORTANT: In line with government regulations we can only offer Day 2 and Day 8 testing for “amber list” and green countries. Bookings for “red list” countries will commence later.

Testing in quarantine

Day 2 Test

You will need to take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 of your quarantine period. The day of arrival in England will be treated as day zero.

If you get a positive result from your day 2 test, you must quarantine for 10 days beginning the day after the test was taken (this means until day 13). Your household will also need to quarantine until day 13.

If you get a positive result from your day 2 test, you do not need to take a test on day 8.

Home Self-Collection

This a self-collection postal test package. Once ordered, our team will send you Covid-19 sampling collection kit including swab and transport medium, clear step by step sampling instructions, return biohazard packaging and pre-paid 24 Hour Tracked Address label on the sample box.

When you receive the sample collection kit, follow the enclosed instructions to take your own nose and throat swab samples. Use one kit per test per individual, washing hands in between sampling for different people including children. Whilst the sample collection procedure is simple to carry out, you may experience some discomfort when rubbing the swab inside your nasal cavity or throat. Sample are returned through Royal Mail Priority Post Box.

Please note despatch days may vary when ordering Test to Release, Day 2 and 8 testing in line with government guidelines and self-isolation requirements. Please make note of your tracking number so that you can check the delivery progress.