Day 2 & 8 Supervised Onsite Test (Unvaccinated) - Norwich

Day 2 & Day 8 Supervised Onsite Test. Onsite supervised Covid-19 sampling by a trained Sampler in our Norwich testing facility.

Purchase 1 kit at a time to generate the unique booking reference for each passenger travelling with you. Once booking reference is generated, it cannot be cancelled and testing is non-refundable.

You can use the testing kit at a later date if your return flight is cancelled or delayed.

Only available for sampling in our Norwich Centre, THIS IS NOT A HOME COLLECTION KIT AND WILL NOT BE POSTED

Please note that the day of your arrival in the UK is Day Zero


Day 2 & Day 8 Supervised Onsite Test

Order your Day 2 and Day 8 Self-Swab PCR test kit if you are arriving in England from and are unvaccinated or if your vaccine does not qualify under the UK Government’s fully vaccinated rules.

As required by the UK Government, everyone arriving in England from a non-red list country must take a PCR test on arrival day 2.

If you have been fully vaccinated in one of the UK Government’s eligible vaccination countries are required to only take this day 2 PCR test.

However, unvaccinated travellers who do not qualify under the fully vaccinated rules, are required to take PCR tests on both Day 2 and 8. On arrival in England, you must quarantine for 10 days, and take two PCR COVID-19 tests on or before Day 2 and on or after Day 8.

Please note the day you arrive in England is treated as Day 0. You will need to purchase your tests before arriving in England, in order to add your booking reference number to your Passenger Locator Form.

As part of the Test to Release scheme, travellers can take an additional PCR test on Day 5 to reduce the mandatory quarantine period – more information here.

Results are delivered within 48 to 72 hours of the lab receiving your sample.

This kit covers both the Day 2 and Day 8 test.

Supervised Onsite Test

Onsite Covid-19 self-sampling supervised by a trained Sampler in our Norwich testing facility, who will guide you through the kit activation process and how to take your sample.